The World's First Cryptocurrency with Built-in Promotion

Dogecoin Cash rewards you for spreading the word. In a groundbreaking move away from traditional mining, $DOG leverages the strength of its network, rewarding users for promotion.


Unlock the power of community and technology with Dogecoin Cash, the innovative cryptocurrency that rewards you for spreading the word. Whether through social media, content creation, or personal referrals, your efforts to boost Dogecoin Cash's visibility directly contribute to mining the coin, making it a truly decentralized asset powered by its community. Join us in shaping the future of digital currency, where your voice and participation fuel growth and value.

Proof of Promotion

Instead of the carbon-emitting Proof of Work mining used by coins like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, or the rich-get-richer Proof of Stake mechanism used by Ethereum, Dogecoin Cash uses the innovative new Proof of Promotion system to distribute $DOG to the community. With Proof of Promotion, content creators earn $DOG by spreading the word about Dogecoin Cash and then sharing a link on the social platform Tipestry, where members vote to determine how much each post earns. Rather than encouraging pointless energy consumption, this new system rewards members for adding value to the community.


Designed to operate within the decentralized finance ecosystem, Dogecoin Cash exists on both Binance Smart Chain in the BEP-20 format and on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. It is currently tradeable on decentralized exchanges including PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain and Uniswap on Ethereum. Holders can store their tokens in a wide selection of Biance Smart Chain and Ethereum wallets, and exchange them for other assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


$DOG features regular token burns triggered by milestones achieved by Tipestry and Dogecoin Cash - as these projects grow, the supply of $DOG decreases.

Past Burns

Exclusive Airdrops

Simply hold $DOG to automatically receive airdrops of other tokens that are part of the Tipestry ecosystem including Superdog $POM.

Upcoming Airdrops


$DOG can be spent to boost your posts on Tipestry and create your own tippable, withdrawable Binance Smart Chain or Polygon cryptocurrency.

Spend $DOG


Tipestry is a new kind of social media platform that automatically adds a comment section with built-in cryptocurrency tipping to any website. With over one million comments and posts published so far, Tipestry is one of the world's most utilized Web3 applications to date.

Members of the platform can also create their own decentralized sub-forums, with unique moderation rules and custom tippable cryptocurrencies. This franchise-based approach solves one of the most difficult problems facing social media - how to allow freedom of speech without proliferating harmful content.

By enabling different sets of rules for different sub-communities, and giving moderators the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by managing their groups, Tipestry effectively creates a marketplace for social media governance. Policies and enforcement that members prefer lead to more successful groups, while moderators who abuse their position or do a poor job lose followers and income. This approach is a much-needed alternative to the existing model, where large centralized companies like Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook exploit their users and censor with impunity.


The Dogecoin Cash Army is hard at work day and night bringing you the freshest memes.