Dogecoin Cash is the native currency of the decentralized free speech platform Tipestry.

Support free speech, fairness, privacy, and memes. Enjoy exclusive airdrops for holders, regular token burns, stake your coins, and use $DOG to create your own cryptocurrency.


Dogecoin Cash was created as a non-inflationary, environmentally-friendly alternative to the original Dogecoin, utilizing several important advancements in crypto since the introduction of DOGE in 2013, including:

Proof of Content

Instead of the carbon-emitting Proof of Work mining used by coins like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, Dogecoin Cash uses the innovative new Proof of Content mechanism to distribute $DOG to the community. Under the Proof of Content system, content creators can earn Dogecoin Cash by sharing links on the social platform Tipestry, where members vote to determine how much crypto each post and comment receives. Rather than encouraging energy consumption, this new system rewards people for creating and sharing content.


Designed to operate within the decentralized finance ecosystem, Dogecoin Cash exists on both Binance Smart Chain in the BEP-20 format and on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. It is currently tradeable on decentralized exchanges including PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain and Uniswap on Ethereum. Holders can also stake their Dogecoin Cash via smart contract at, store their tokens in a wide selection of Biance Smart Chain and Ethereum wallets, and exchange them for other assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


$DOG features regular token burns triggered by milestones achieved by Tipestry and Dogecoin Cash - as these projects grow, the supply of $DOG decreases.

Past Burns

Exclusive Airdrops

Simply hold $DOG to automatically receive airdrops of other tokens that are part of the Tipestry ecosystem including Superdog $POM.

Upcoming Airdrops


$DOG can be used to boost your posts on Tipestry and create your own tippable, withdrawable Binance Smart Chain cryptocurrency.

Spend $DOG


Tipestry adds a meta layer to the Internet, allowing members to interact and earn cryptocurrency anywhere online. The main component of the platform is, a web portal that effectively adds a comment section with built-in tipping to any website. Tipestry Go is an augmented reality app that lets users leave comments at specific physical locations and search for digital coins hidden throughout the world. A browser add-on that adds more chat and micropayment features is also in beta testing.

There are three related problems we aim to address with this project: first is that the prevailing business model for social media platforms is to sell their users’ personal information to third parties, usually without the users understanding what they are giving up in terms of privacy and security. Second is the difficulty for content creators to benefit financially from their work, which is partially responsible for an overall decline in journalistic standards and the proliferation of clickbait content. Third is the trend for large companies to push agendas – both commercial and political – by censoring or completely disabling user feedback on their sites.

Another goal of this project is to provide new uses for cryptocurrency and to put coins in more people’s hands without requiring an understanding of the technical details. We believe that seamless tipping, in particular, presents a natural introduction to digital currencies and will help spread adoption.


The Dogecoin Cash Army is hard at work day and night bringing you the freshest memes.